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Da da da daaaaaaaaa

Well I decided since Trivia is fast approaching I better spruce up my page.  I hope you all enjoy.  All for of my friends on here....Anywho I am very excited for trivia as well as all the melting snow.  Yea Spring!  And now I shall nap.


I guess I have really been sucked into the void that is Myspace.  It has been something like 38 weeks since I was on here.  Does that seem right?  Maybe.  Anyway it's Saturday morning circa 7:37 am.  I have actually been up since 6.  Obviously something is wrong with me as I sleep until at least 9 on Saturdays.  I am all congested so I just couldn't sleep any more.  I'm hoping to take a nap later tho.  It's currently -16 degrees and it's really not supposed to warm up any.  Joy.  what a day.

Trivia Quotes...Finally!!

Ok folks here they are. Sorry it took me so long. I could make up an excuse that I was busy, but really I just got lazy and I forgot. Enjoy.

Trivia 38 Quotes:

“Marissa-you’re raising the standards.” ~Rachel, about Marissa’s Super Bowl Commercial notes.

“It’s Trivia ADD.” ~Marissa explaining why Greg left a conversation mid-sentence upon hearing ‘phones down in the back.’

“That kid defiantly has a face for radio.” ~Rachel about the hour 3 DJ aka. Gary Brolsma

“Moist, onion filled red and pink panties.” ~Marissa’s least favorite phrase.

“Baldy McGee, that’s our guy.” ~Cara on who she thought our operator was.

“He’s a trendsetter? The guy in the grey socks and plaid pants.” ~Dan, about Greg.

“I personally hate big foreheads.” ~Rachel

“Is it over yet?” ~Rachel
“Ah, No, we have 48 hours left.” G~reg
“Oh.” ~Rachel

“Quickly! Give up so I can call in Bicycle Jesus!” ~Dan

“If we stop answering questions, we’re not gonna win.” ~Marissa
“Thanks, John Madden.” ~Greg

“Fuckin’ divorcées.” ~Greg

“That guy looks like a 12-year-old trying to look like a 20-year-old.” ~Marissa
“Isn’t that called ‘college’?” ~Greg

“Jim! Stay sharp!” ~Dan, about Jim tipping over on the couch.

“I’ll maintain the front line of security. You know, behind the plants.” ~Greg

“We are doing really well. I think it’s because I came up.” ~Jim

“Get those robot legs goin’” ~Jim telling Marissa to get her deodorant for an answer.

“If we can’t have them no one can!” ~Marissa
“That’s the kind of people we are now.  The power has gone to our heads.” ~Rachel

“Hey, what’s eight hours from now, 6 or 7?” ~Vicky
“Or 4:30…” ~Kelly
“Hey, this is Trivia, not math.” ~Dan

“If I were a crocodile, I’d eat the kid too.” ~Marissa
“I’m glad you work with kids at summer camp, I’m glad I hired you.” ~Rachel
I wouldn’t eat kids, I’m not a crocodile.” ~Marissa
“Oh, but if you were a crocodile you would?” ~Rachel
“I might, yes.” ~Marissa

“It’s breezy here. It’s nice. Oh, it’s the fan.” ~Greg

“I’m gonna drink another Dr. Pepper. I don’t fuckin’ care!” ~Marissa

“Next year we’ll be so good we’ll be in negative 3rd place.” ~Arnie
“Next year we’ll be calling Oz with the questions. ‘Yeah, Oz? I think we’re ready for the Carl Ustremski question now.’ “ ~Dan

the dice thingy...

I am a d6

Take the quiz at dicepool.com

At first I was a little defensive about the results, but as I read the full description, I realized it was sort of true.


TOday I had to go to Devil-Mart and I left my lights on so my car battery died. I was going to get the charger thing out that I have, and I locked my keys inside my car. And My cell phone and purse were inside too. I stood there stunned at my own stupidity for a few moments, then trekked back inside. I went to the service desk to use their phone and I called my mom to rescue me, which did. I am still shaking my head at the pure hilarity of it all.

bring on the crazies

I was at Copps today doing some grocery shopping when I got to the frozen foods area. I was on my way to pick up some Ben and Jerry's sorbet for Art when I came upon a hilarious scene. There was this rather large women, a manager, and a reg. Copps employee. The large marge was all in a tizzy because they were no longer stocking the flavor of Edy's ice cream she likes. So the manager was getting the info to talk to the supplier to see why they weren't stocking it. But the lady just kept on going. The flavor was Dulce de Leche (which she pronounced "Dole-cee day Leechy). She complained that Haagen Daas (or as she said Hagen Days) had the flavor, but it was smaller and cost a dollar more. This lady was practically yelling and was just completely out of sorts about this. Now I would like to day there are a few hundred choices of ice cream flavors at Copps. So, really, she couldn't try another??? personally I like to look for new flavors to try out when I'm there. The new Steven Colbert Americone Dream flavor from Ben and Jerry's is really good and today I picked out the New Edy's Girl Scout Thin Mint flavor. When I finally continued on my way to the next aisle (deli) I could still hear her ranting. I just shook my head.

10 weird habits/quirks/unknowns

I know it's again been awhile since I posted or even read other people's posts. I'm too caught up in the Myspace craze I suppose. Anyway I had a total laughfeast over everyone elses 10 weird situations so I thought I'd do it too.

1. Before I go to bed I have to make sure all the sheets an blankets are "just right." The sheets can't be up higher than the quilt, and the quilt must be hanging over the sides in equal proportions. When I get in bed I can just tell if they're right or not.

2. I HATE local news programs. I will watch CNN and MSNBC plus I'll check CNN.com and MSN all day for news, but something about the local stations just totally irritates me.

3. My mom still does my taxes.

4. I do not like to swim in lakes or rivers. I am not sure where this fear came from. I was perfectly fine with it as a kid, but now it just weirds me out. I'm not sure if it's the living things or what. I have no problems with oceans (as long as I am close to land) or swimming pools.

5. I cannot stand loud chewing or open mouth chewing. I also often get annoyed if people are eating crunchy things by me when I am not eating them. I find it difficult to concentrate on anything but the crunching.

6. Bruce Springsteen and John Melencamp may be tremendously talented and loved by many, but I cannot stand their music. I'd rather listen to The Spice Girls. Call me unAmerican, see if I care.

7. I didn't really like college. To me it was a means to an end and I just had to get through it. I didn't care for the whole "College scene." I did however enjoy the last year when I was DJing at 90. The last year was good. My only real "friends from College" are Rachel and Dan. I really didn't make friends in college. I found most of the people in my classes annoying. I didn't want to waste my time with those people.

8. I tend to use words such as "Jeepers" "Jeez" "Cripes" "goodness" instead of swearing these days. I think It's from being around kids a lot now and not being able to swear. Of course when a situation warrants it, I will let the cusses flow.

9. Gossip makes me feel important. I love it. Gossip about people I know, people I don't know, celebrity gossip, I don't care. I love it all.

10. I get nervous about my cats when I haven't seen them in awhile. This could even be when I am home and I don't see or hear them for an hour or more. I get worried that somehow they got out or got hurt or are stuck somewhere. Just last week Zoey didn't come in and sleep by me one night and I actually got out of bed around 5 am to look for her. I hope this doesn't mean I will be a paranoid/worried parent some day.

Now it's almost Christmas!!

I hope everyone had a splendid Thanksgiving. I unfortately was dealing with some stomach issues for most of the weekend. This was brought on by having Chinese for lunch on Wednesday followed by Mexican for dinner the same evening. I think the chinese and the mexican decided to wage war on my stomach. I finally feel better today. But I learned a very important lesson: Never Ever eat Chinese and Mexican in one day. I also hope everyone enjoys my new user pic. It's my cat Zoey. If you also have Myspace you will get to see a picture of Rufus in a santa outfit. Yes, I realize that dressing up my cats puts me one step closer to being a crazy cat lady, but man, they look so cute!!


Art recently alerted me to the fact that I have a large amount of Sharpies. I think Maybe I am a tiny bit obsessed. I have around 30. It doesn't help that at Staples they have this bin full of the Sharpie minis. I always have to buy one when I go past. It's just so fantastic that they come in so many different colors.

also My thanks to gws57 for the "nudge"

Chi town!!

Art and I had a fabulous weekend in Chicago visiting the mk and Mel. We got there Friday evening but just stayed at the hotel. We stayed at the Renissance suites by O'Hare and it was a really great hotel. On Saturday morning we went to mk and Mels around 9:30. From there we took the train downtown and went to the Shedd Aquarium. I hadn't been there since the 8th grade and it was still really cool. I loved seeing all the creatures. We even got to see a komodo dragon. I prob didn't spell that right...oh well it was cool. After that we took a water taxi to Navy Pier and had lunch and then walked around for awhile. Then we decided to go see a movie. We went to Little Miss Sunshine. It was probably the best movie I have seen all year. It was soooooo good. seriously we all left the theater and we just kept on talking about how great it was! If you haven't seen it, you should. Anyway, after the movie we walked around a bit more and then took a night time Architectual tour via a boat on the Chicago river. This was a very cool experience. You see the city from a whole other view. After the cruise we took a cab and had dinner at the Hard Rock. And after dinner, we took the train back to mk and Mel's and got back to our hotel around midnight. We were exhausted, burt it was a great day!!! Sunday Art and I went to Ikea. WHich was fabulous as always. We got a bookcase (It's like the one T and Liz have in their living room only a different color) and we got a screaming deal on the TV stand that went with the two cabinets we already have in the living room. It was quite interesting trying to fit it all into Art's accord, but we got it all in!